"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

Albert Einstein

There is where TESIS comes in and help you realize the true potential of your research through better visualizations.

Main Services


Graphic Support and Review

We make an unbiased revision of your research based on the images, that they present your data with the message you want to convey, that they are pleasant to the reader, and make sure your statements are clear.


Data Visualisation

Whether for a scientific journal, a poster, brochure, magazines, or web, we help you transform your data into great-looking graphics and infographics.



It is perfect for those who want to recreate hand-written drawings into digital and neat graphics for publication or presentations, but don’t have the time or skills. Equally applicable to present schemes of experimental setups.


Static Graphical Abstract

Graphical abstracts are an effective way to attract new readers to your topic or research. It usually contains the main aspects of your research and highlights the outcome in one single image.


Video Graphical Abstract

An increase in video consumption has reached the scientific community, and now you can share your research in a highly dynamic medium. Similar to the static version, yet more appealing.


Video Editing

It is ideal for presenting experiments, improving, or adding details to previous videos of your research or research group, and it is included with video graphical abstract service if needed.



Only makes science and research more fun and entertaining, no matter if it is for a professional or for a general audience, we can find a style for each.


Poster and Presentation

After any of the previous services, you can ask for the creation of posters and presentations, and relax while we prepare them.

Topics I Discuss


The Ws

What, Why, Who, Where, When, Which…



It is not the same presenting to professionals in the topic than to children, yet all have the same importance and value



We all have our likes and dislikes, I make sure your visuals meet your taste



Science promotion and science communication are what drive TESIS. We discuss if you want us to share your findings through our channels.

*This is optional and is free of charge


What Clients Are Saying

"TESIS was great to work with, they followed up thoroughly to my need for an animated graphical abstract in a very short time frame. The results were amazing, and they even allowed me a few request for updates. The material is great and their ability to conceptualize, simplify and materialize both illustrations and animations is outstanding"

Dr. D. Paez

"Marisabel has helped me to realise a new perspective for my research, by just talking to her you can perceive the creativity and great human being she is. As she says, it is not only graphics".

A. A.