Animated Graphical Abstract for one of the many publications highlighting QOLO's features

This research highlights the new features of the technology behind QOLO, the next mobility standing device. It allows people with spinal cord injury, and other mobility-related disabilities, to move while standing, which have been proved to help recover self-esteem among other health benefits.

Animation of the EU Project CrowdBot for the General Public

CrowdBot is a collaborative project between 7 organizations from 4 European countries, which works in the different aspects of enabling robots to be autonomous or semi-autonomous when navigating in crowded environments. We committed and worked together on the animation for the promo video of the project. Click below to watch it.

Social Robotics

UI for a dance robot

Everyone learning does it better with a friendly face, and this dance teacher understands it. It was a pleasure to collaborate with the perception of emotions driven by basic yet engaging cartoon faces.

UI and UX for a wearable device mirroring the self

A passion for research and the improvement of mental health brought different scientists together. It consists of the creation of a wearable device able to mirror the self with the help of a friendly mascot, haptics, and other technologies.

My part in this project in the first phase was to create a mascot able to display a range of 9 emotions relative to an emotion matrix proposed previously in the field and to perform user testing of the mascot, the wearable, and their combination.

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Video Editing

It is always fascinating to see actual experiments of novel technology and understand new concepts. It enriches our knowledge, helps us guide future clients, and connect researchers.


What Clients Are Saying

"TESIS was great to work with, they followed up thoroughly to my need for an animated graphical abstract in a very short time frame. The results were amazing, and they even allowed me a few request for updates. The material is great and their ability to conceptualize, simplify and materialize both illustrations and animations is outstanding"

Dr. D. Paez

"Marisabel has helped me to realise a new perspective for my research, by just talking to her you can perceive the creativity and great human being she is. As she says, it is not only graphics".