Technical and Scientific Illustration Services

Helping You Enhance Your Research

From graphical consultation and advice, digitalization of your ideas and scribbles, to full animated videos.

What TESIS is about



Help researchers improve their work so it can be clear and understandable for their field and for the general public, through questions, graphics, illustrations, and animations.



Increase access to scientific knowledge to the general public, and inspire next generations



Be everywhere, from amateurs to professionals, bringing novel visual assets 



Improving the way we do and show research, will increase science access, inspiring next generations

About Me

I’m Marisabel
I help researchers, engineers, and scientists convey their ideas clearly and aesthetically .

The idea of TESIS started building in my head wat the end of my Ph.D. As a peer reviewer …

Marisabel Cuberos Balda TESIS

I once was told that if you can't explain it to a kid, then you need to understand it more. TESIS is more than graphics, I am here to help you


A glance of some of TESIS projects


What Clients Are Saying

"TESIS was great to work with, they followed up thoroughly to my need for an animated graphical abstract in a very short time frame. The results were amazing, and they even allowed me a few request for updates. The material is great and their ability to conceptualize, simplify and materialize both illustrations and animations is outstanding"

Dr. Eng Paez

"Marisabel has helped me to realise a new perspective for my research, by just talking to her you can perceive the creativity and great human being she is. As she says, it is not only graphics".

A. A.