I’m Marisabel, I help researchers, engineers, and scientists convey their ideas clearly and aesthetically.

Marisabel Cuberos Balda TESIS

The idea of TESIS started building in my head when I was finishing my Ph.D. Looking at the several scientific papers I did peer-review on. I noticed many good and great research were visually poorly presented, making it sometimes impossible to accept. I also recognize that as researchers we get too involved and worried of getting the methods and the results right, that we may not notice the visual appeal of the research for other readers, especially those outside our field.
Having a heavy passion for design and illustration, that gradually became a freelance graphic design career, made me realize I could help other scientists. I completed my graphic design and UI / UX design specializations and reinvented my career to mix two passions, scientific research and visual design.
I gather some researchers and creative colleagues around the globe, willing to join me in the freelancing world, with the goal of promoting science, we are TESIS.

I once was told that if you can't explain it to a kid, then you need to understand it more. TESIS is more than graphics, I am here to help you see the light.

Topics I Can Help You With


Research Improvement

By tutoring sessions regarding research techniques, writing tips, and checking your manuscript. Let’s talk


Data Visualization

Most of researchers in the world are NOT native English speakers yet, English is the preferred language for scientific publications. While images can talk by themselves. Let me help you.



Have you ever doddle your experiments, concepts, and ideas but lack the graphic skills to represent them? Get in touch!



Want to reach a broader audience? maybe an article, or explanatory video? Reach me here and let’s talk